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Britain’s Independence Day

This morning Britain woke up with the breaking news of “The Independence Day”

This referendum was not a easy task as it created a lot of friction and division between the British people, which should never happen.

Today is the start of a new Independence day and we are all in it together, so we need to stay strong and united regardless of politics, faith, etc.

We shall always maintain our British values by staying loyal to our country and stay allies with the EU. The Prime minister is the head of the country and represents his or her country in the world. It was so emotional and heart breaking to see our Prime minister put a brave smile on his face and to see the tears in his wife Samantha’s eyes.

We should be proud of PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron and wish them good luck in their lives. I do hope that the Prime minister would still carry on to stay till the end of his term. He is the Prime minister who led the country into an EU referendum for WHOM? It was for us the people or Britain or we would not have been out of EU today.

So whether the people who voted to “Remain” or  “OUT” of EU should both be grateful and proud of this PM as he knew this was the biggest gamble he was taking in his life and will be remembered for.
It is time for all of to get together and wish him and his family good luck for years to come.

We are a great strong and proud of being British.

Whatever happened in EU was not the Prime minister’s fault as he did try hard to negotiate with EU on behalf of the people of Britain. But it is Europe that needs to be more bureaucratic and more perceptive to the diversity that its member states represent. This could be the start of a revolution in EU if they do not become more flexible and change their policies.

God bless Britain…
Vic Sethi

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