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Shahid Afridi (Cricketer) Receives Gift Aid for his charity from Anand & Sethi families of Leicester & Kuwait

Shahid Afridi a top cricketer of Pakistan is a very humble and honourable personality. He runs a charity registered in Pakistan called SAF “Shahid Afridi Foundation” . The slogan of the charity is ” Hope ! Not Out “.

He has setup hospitals in rural areas of Pakistan for women and children where they have no hospitals and emergency services for miles.

He said that he was so impressed to meet the Anand & Sethi families at the event who supported the charity. He said “Pathans and Sikhs have always been great friends and very similar when it comes to supporting people of every community”

He specially invited the family members to join him for photographs to show the world that there are no boundaries and barriers between countries when it comes to supporting good causes.

Even though Shahid Afridi is a cricket celebrity, he is still a very humble person.

Thanks to Habib Bank Zurich for the invitation, where the vice president of the bank Mr S. Kauser Kazmi said, that he does not call Shahid Afridi a Pakistani cricket player but he calls him an International cricket player as he is loved and respected by people world wide.

Visit www.shahidafridifoundation.org to get involved.

Vic Sethi

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